• To establish a centre of excellence in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.
• To get the skills of the students developed in latest software's and programming languages like .net, Java Based web technology etc.
• To establish a state of art laboratory with latest computers and peripherals and testing facilities so as promote the research and development.
• To integrate the academic programs with practical knowledge and co-curricular activities so as to promote the intellectual growth of the students.


• Motivated, enthusiast, knowledgeable and competent faculty members.
• Active research and development activities.
• Transparency in policy making and in execution and monitoring of academic programs.
• Continuously upgraded infrastructure and well equipped labs.
• Good student teacher interaction.


The Vision and Mission of the Department


To be a center of excellence in providing globally standard education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering thereby creating professionally and globally competitive and self disciplined Computer Science Engineers capable of working in multicultural environment.



1. Inculcating good character, professional behavior, high ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities so as to succeed and contribute to society.
2. Providing quality Engineering education to students and preparing students for career opportunities (in Industry/Academics) or higher studies which require a high level of technical knowledge and skill.
3. Establishing Industry Institute Interaction to make students ready for the industrial environment and exposure to the latest tools and technologies in the area of computer software and hardware.
4. Nurturing our students’ interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills so that they may provide vision and leadership within the information industry’s diverse culture.
5. Pursuing creative research and new technologies in Computer Science and Engineering and across disciplines in order to serve the needs of industry, government, society, and the scientific community.
6. Supporting the Faculty for research based projects/activities in the emerging areas of technology convergence to foster the growth and strength of its programs.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

1. To provide students with a strong foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze problems that are relevant to the general practice of Computer Science & Engineering.
2. To develop an ability to analyze the requirements of the software, understand the technical specifications, model & design a computing system, provide novel engineering solutions and efficient product designs while considering real-world constraints.
3. To motivate the students for Higher Studies, promote Design, Research, Development of various products and services in the field of Computer Science & Engineering through strong communication, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.
4. To provide exposure to emerging cutting edge technologies i.e. conducting & planning experiments in the modern computer laboratory , promoting the design and development of system-software, desktop-application software and web-based software and to interpreting the significance of resulting data and properly reporting results in both well written technical reports and oral presentations.
5. To prepare the students with good Computer Science and Engineering breadth for a successful career and introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.
6. To demonstrate professional attitudes and ethics by, for example, assisting Faculties in professional development i.e. engaging in continuing education or training, participating in professional societies, engaging in service to the community, or contributing to an employer’s efforts to comply with software licensing, protect privacy, or assure quality and safety.
7. To provide adequate training & opportunities to work effectively as a team member and/or team leader on multidisciplinary projects in an ever-changing professional environment.


Operating System Lab
Visual Basic Lab
Project Lab
Multimedia and Graphics Lab
Circuit Theory Lab
Numerical Lab
Basic Computing Lab
JAVA & Internet Technology Lab
Circuit Theory & Networking Lab (I & II)
Computer Architecture Lab
Computer Networking Lab
Software Engineering Lab
Artificial Engineering Lab