Top B.TECH College in West Bengal Focus on Experimental Learning

Experiential learning plays a critical role in the life of an engineer. While many other colleges in West Bengal are only talking about implementing such practices, BCET offers several experimental learning opportunities even today. If you wish to know more about such practices, this blog is for you. Let’s check out what the Top B.Tech College in West Bengal has to say about it.

A Quick Overview of Today’s Topics of Discussion

  • What is Experimental Learning?
  • Why It’s Important for Engineering Students?
  • Role Played by BCET in Conducting Such Activities

Let’s see what the top B.TECH College in Eastern India has to say about it. 

 Top B.TECH College in West Bengal 

Experimental Learning

Though BCET has its presence in West Bengal, it gives admissions to students from all around India. The course curriculum is modified according to the official guidelines of WBJEE. After admission in B.TECH course in West Bengalyou will be learning pharmaceutical analysis and management. Apart from these, the practical sessions will be conducted in well-equipped laboratories.

Importance of Experimental Learning for Engineering Students

Experiential learning is a growing trend among educationists and institutions worldwide. It aims at creating resourceful and dynamic individuals. It’s why the top B.TECH College in Durgapur focuses on experimental learning activities. AT BCET, we prepare students to equip them with modern management and technical skills through experiential knowledge.

Role Played By The Top B.TECH College in West Bengal 

In experiential learning, students play an active role in constructing new knowledge and meaning. At BCET, we have the following labs and departments that support experimental learning practices, 

  • Computer Science & Engineering 
  • Electronics & Communication 
  • Informational Technology 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Basic Science & Humanities 

Take Away Points

Experiential learning means hands-on learning touching different technologies, which provides an educator with an opportunity to work with students. It enables the students to use the knowledge they have gained and use it practically in real-time situations. Being the Top B.Tech College in West Bengalwe do encourage experimental learning at our campus. 

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