Business Analytics: Top MBA Specialization in 2022

After completing their UG degree, many students opt for an MBA degree because they want to understand management processes and techniques better. However, not all students are aware that even being a management course, there are various specializations available within its ambit. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the most popular specializations available at the top MBA college in Durgapur

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A Quick Overview of Trending MBA Specialization in 2022

In case you are planning to take admission to the top MBA college in Eastern India, such as BCET, here are some of the most lucrative specializations that you must consider:

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It’s one of the most popular choices among MBA aspirants as it provides you with opportunities in almost all industries. Being the top MBA College in West Bengal, BCET offers students numerous opportunities in financial sectors like,

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Financial Services 
  • Investment Banking, etc.

Marketing Management

It’s another popular MBA specialization to opt-in 2022. It aims to teach students how to analyze customers’ needs and connect them with products or services that can satisfy their requirements. It also helps students know about various marketing strategies and apply them when needed. This specialization includes, 

  • Studying Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research
  • Creative Advertising Processes

Students who pursue this specialization will be able to work as marketing managers in different companies and industries after completing this course.

Human Resource Management:

HRM is one of the essential departments of any organization. As HR professionals, they will be responsible for hiring, training, and managing employees. HRM is a vast department that requires professionals to have the following skills: 

  • Good Management Skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • Communication Skills 

So, if you have these qualities and are willing to hone them further, then an MBA in human resource management is a perfect course for you. For more information about MBA specialization to opt-in 2022, please contact the experts at the top MBA college in Durgapur

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