Top 4 Core Career Profiles after Electrical Engineering

Getting an electrical engineering degree from the top B.Tech College in West Bengal is a wise decision. It’s equally important to know the career options after EE. There are many career choices for electrical engineers. Electrical engineers have a wide range of career opportunities in every field. In our daily life, we cannot imagine any area without the involvement of electrical engineers. The need for electrical engineers is very high in all fields.

Electrical Engineering is a vast field, and there are various career options available for electrical engineers. As the title suggests, this blog will highlight a list of the top 4 core profiles for an electrical engineer to start their career and grow further in the same field:

  • Micro Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
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This blog will focus on the four main career fields of electrical engineering. Let’s talk about them in detail!

Micro Electrical Engineer:

Micro-electrical Engineers design, create and supervise the production of equipment such as microprocessors, integrated circuits, circuit boards and microchips.

Electrical Design Engineer:

An Electrical Design Engineer inspects, tests and maintains electrical systems, carrying out repairs where necessary. They also create new products or procedures that contain electrical components.

Telecommunications Engineer:

 Telecommunications Engineers work with fixed-line technologies and mobile-cellular networks. They design and develop telecommunication networks, including radio, satellite, mobile phone and broadband networks.

Instrumentation Engineer:

 Instrumentation Engineers are engaged in developing devices used to monitor and control mechanical equipment in industries like oil refineries and water treatment plants.

Electrical Engineering students have many career options available after completing their degree courses. If you are interested in Electrical Engineering, then you can choose a core or non-core career path based on your interest and skills. For more information on career tips, follow the blog section of the top B.Tech College in West Bengal today!

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