Top 10 Job Options for Civil Engineers With Salary Details

10 In-Demand Jobs for Civil Engineers in 2023 with Average Salary

Not-so-well-paid job options are available for civil engineers. Did you hear this very often? Civil engineering jobs are highly sought after and with a sense of urgency. But, getting the right civil engineering job is often tricky. Engineers are facing stiff competition for the available jobs due to a higher supply of engineers than the demand for them.

If someone says that there aren’t enough jobs in Civil. Don’t trust them, and refer to our today’s blog. Here, the best engineering college in Eastern India is listing the top 10 jobs in the civil engineering sector. Also, find details of the salary range offered and required qualifications.

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All Civil Engineers Out There, Here are Details of Career Worth for You

The demand for civil engineers in the construction industry is increasing daily. Civil engineers with better knowledge and experience will get more job opportunities. These top 10 job options for civil engineers with salary details require certification and in-depth training. It’s only possible if you get the required specialization only from an eligible institute such as BCET. Before getting deep into the discussion, let’s give you an overview of the topics we’ll cover in today’s blog.

  • Scope after B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • Details of Top 10 Trending Jobs in the Civil Sector
  • Info of to B.Tech college in Eastern India in 2023

Scope after B.Tech in Civil Branch | Best Engineer College in Eastern India

Civil engineering is a well-reputed course with an ample amount of job opportunities. You can make a strong career in civil engineering after the 12th. Civil engineers are broadly classified into two categories – structural and non-structural.

  • Structural civil engineers are the ones who frame and execute designs related to infrastructure.
  • Non-structural engineers work on projects including dams, highways, bridges, subways etc.
10 Top Civil Engineering Jobs, With Expected Salaries

Civil engineers are architects of today’s competitive world. However, the industry ecology is fast-changing, making job opportunities in the field more challenging. Getting a job as a civil engineer requires substantial preparation – both in terms of credentials and skill set.

With proper guidance, you can complete your education with the right knowledge and practical expertise to get a job faster than your counterparts who lack practical experience. Let’s see which trending jobs are listed in today’s blog by the best engineering college in Eastern India.

S.NoJob ProfilesAverage Salary
1Building Manager7.68 LPA
2Fire Manager8.12 LPA
3Water Resources Engineer5 LPA
4Consulting Engineer10 LPA
5Engineer Project Manager22 LPA
6Nuclear Engineer11 LPA
7Field Service Engineer2.55 LPA
8CAD Technician4.93 LPA
9Design Manager5 LPA
10Construction Manager13 LPA

Pick Best Engineering College in Eastern India in 2023 to Get These Jobs

The competition for jobs is fierce. According to the latest estimation, the demand for civil engineers is growing 12% annually. The search for the best job opportunities in top-notch institutes is a painful phenomenon, and in the midst of this, some lose their enthusiasm and want to succumb.

Did you know that civil engineers also enjoy excellent job opportunities after graduation? You can contribute not only to the existing infrastructure but also to its development and construction. The above-listed jobs are only a few. A long list of jobs can pay you a good salary. But first, you need to enroll in the best engineering college in Eastern India, like BCET. With the proper guidance and knowledge, you can earn well. So, start planning today.

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