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The pandemic that the novel coronavirus brings has taught the world many things about survival. It has open doors to new possibilities, and adapting to the change has become the New Normal. Engineers are playing a vital role in responding to the pandemic situation. No doubt, scientists had discovered the vaccine, doctors are doing their best to save the patients, and engineers are involved in making that possible. Making 100 doses of a vaccine to a billion- it’s a huge engineering challenge, and engineers are playing their role to make it happen. In today’s post, BCET– the best engineering college in West Bengal attempts to highlight the role of an engineer to compact the coronavirus situation. Let’s get started!

Best Engineering College in West Bengal

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Engineering as a field is growing rapidly, and innovations play a vital role in addressing new challenges. Since the time is immemorial, engineering has changed with the time and has introduced new technologies such as artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind. Advancement is the telecommunication sectors are helping the world to work from home and maintain the economic growth of the countries worldwide. Innovation today is the need of the hour. Being the top B.TECH College in West Bengal, BCET has always believed that engineers with innovation beliefs can only lay the foundation of a great future.

Therefore, BCET always encourages students to think about innovation and to support them, our highly experienced faculties help them undertake innovative projects, depending on their choices. Dedication, Motivation, Research, Advancement, and Education, are the five pillars of BCET, which makes us the top rank engineering college in West Bengal.  

If you wish to study under the guidance of expert faculties to fulfill your dreams of becoming an innovative engineer, then consider BCET as the top choice best engineering college in West Bengal for 2021-22 admissions. For further updates about the admission processes, don’t forget to visit our website.