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The above said quote contains a great meaning in itself. There is no need to wait for big opportunities to help someone if we look around us we will small opportunities every day. Apart from the quality education BCET one of the best engineering college in West Bengal believes in community service and that too by students so that in the upcoming future they learn the importance of helping the needy.

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Community service is one of the pillars on which we have laid Bengal College of Engineering & Technology solid foundation. Students are encouraged to find a service field they’re passionate about as an important part of the curriculum. Young volunteers learn to appreciate others, learn to be supportive and compassionate and learn to understand different people. BCET one of the top and Best MBA colleges in Eastern India /West Bengal takes pride that due to our community service many needy people gets their daily meals, kids get their education and elders get support.

Students support various non government organizations even out of state like MBCN: A special school for the differently abled children of the NCR area.

  • Apna Ghar: A school for underprivileged.

On various occasions students visit old age home to provide happiness and special meals to residents of old age same they do for orphanage.