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MBA is always considered one of the most respectable courses. However, it’s a core management degree course, but this post-graduation degree is also popular among students from other disciplines. Today’s industries are going through many leaps and bounds. Therefore, it becomes necessary for professionals to understand the complexities of managing operations of an industrial workspace. Being the Top MBA College in Durgapur in 2021, BCET offers various MBA specializations that can help students implement their skills to manage different segments of the industry. 

Top MBA College in Durgapur


There is a high demand for MBA professionals in different industries. From the government to the private sector, each sector demands a qualified candidate to smoothly manage its operations. It is the main reason why there are a majority of courses available. Having multiple options is a good thing until you have to choose the best of them for a successful future. It is the most challenging task to perform as it needs in-depth research and effort. Being the Top MBA College in West Bengal, we understand this, and therefore, we have prepared a list of the best MBA specialization for students looking for admission in MBA for the upcoming 2021-22 session. Let’s get started!

MBA in Business Analytics: 

It is one of the new-age specializations that aim to make students competent in understanding business-related technical skills, outline prevalent issues, and find the perfect solutions to run the business smoothly. Some area of expertise includes artificial intelligence, marketing analytics, supply chain management, data analysis, etc. Being the best placement college in West Bengal, we assure you that many options are available after pursuing this degree.

Job options after MBA Business Analytics

  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Technical Team Lead
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Business Analyst

If you wish to make a successful career as a management post-graduate, you need to choose the top MBA College in Durgapur , no other than BCET. Other than MBA, we are also chosen by students for admission in B.Tech Course in West Bengal. If you have any queries/ doubts regarding the admission, fee structure, specializations, or placements, please contact us anytime.