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Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, IT are still the core branches of engineering and students you would be glad to know that BCET one of the best MBA college in West Bengal offers you top notch quality education in such core branches.  We appreciate and congratulate you all for having a wonderful choice of selecting BCET as your path to success.

Now we will talk about the fact that why the core branches are still in demand. 

Engineering life can be traced back to human prehistoric developments of basic tools, artifacts, and devices such as wheels and pulleys. Such inventions emerged through the application of the mechanical principles of engineering. Bridges, houses, and the wondrous structures were later hinged on civil engineering technology. The introduction of electric motors, telegraph machine, 18th century transistors, developed the Electronics engineering discipline. Finally, a massive shift from mechanical technology to electrical analog technology created in the wake of the third industrial revolution, also known as the Digital Revolution between the 1950s and 1970s. This swing has contributed to the explosion of information technology and modern-day innovative digitization. Quick all types of companies started to focus on computer applications and telecommunications to store, monitor and manage data.

When we are talking about the IT development I think it would be better to tell you that BCET one among the best placement colleges in West Bengal has a well equipped IT labs to hone the skills of students and to provide them hands on approach. 

While newer and more specialized streams of engineering appear to take over, we must not forget that they were originally the ramifications of the core streams. Also now, with the aid of the core engineering disciplines, the majority of technical problems can be solved. Through interdisciplinary expertise, the remaining 10 per cent of technical problems can be solved. Acknowledging the importance of Core branches we at one of the top MBA colleges in West Bengal/ Durgapur leave no stone unturned to make students qualified and able to perform well in even most critical situations.