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Engineers have a crucial role to play in promoting the workings of modern society. They do this in many ways, and this blog by BCET one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal will focus on three specific forms of infrastructure where engineers benefit the society. Those relate to the corporate relation, supply and security.

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Connect’ is the first area to be considered.  Engineers use transport infrastructure to connect communities together. An effective transport network is essential to sustained economic growth, as well as social development and well-being. It is also very important on a human level: highways, railways and aircraft all allow people to travel a variety of distances and this is vital for encouraging more frequent personal contact between people cannot be understated.  Connectivity gives us a sense of bond in itself hence we at BCET one of the top B.Tech colleges in West Bengal imbibe such a technical and social knowledge in our students so that not only connect roads but also connect hearts and sympathy with all. 

Telecommunications are another part of this strand: Engineers are responsible for the secure telecommunications and broadband networks relied on by society. It have provided us with quicker, higher capacity 3 G & 4 G networks to allow large data files to be shared between mobile devices so that people can communicate better and share ideas faster. With the help of this people sitting in far away location can also be felt nearby. We at BCET one of the best MBA colleges in Durgapur believe in connecting people as people have only got the capability to be our best companion.

The second strand is Delivery and supply . Infrastructure for water, gas, electricity, and sewage–again developed and built by engineers. Such programs do not just contribute to society; they support society by addressing all of its members ‘ most basic everyday needs, improving living standards for all, reducing suffering and deprivation, and helping society to recognize its potential.