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Today, apart from the pandemic Corona Virus outbreak, we plan to take a serious problem. We are praying for your safety.

We’ll mention some of the Christians and Muslims religious teachings. We think the most prudent thing we can do is accept the situation as it is. And we believe that as we dream of a secular India all religions are equal.

Good Friday Lessons

Good Friday for Christians is a vital day of the year, as it marks what we find to be the most significant weekend in world history. The name Good Friday is completely appropriate, because Jesus ‘suffering and death, as terrible as it was, marked the dramatic fulfillment of God’s effort to redeem his people from their sins. Dear students, we at one of the top rank engineering colleges in West Bengal claim that we all have the right to commit sins as these are sins that teach us. We also recommend that you take an active part in all the activities at BCET, as they are carried out with a desire to unleash your ability and teach you

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Another important thing about Good Friday is that it shows us the rule that teaches us how hopeless our condition is; then comes the gospel of Christ’s grace that brings us salvation and redemption.

Good Friday is “good” because we would have had the joy of Easter, as horrible as that day had been. Dear students, we have always tried our at one of the top MBA Colleges in West Bengal to carry out the changes in our teaching methods that suit you and carry laurels to the country.  

Shab-E’s Barat teachings

We introduce to you the teachings of Shab-E -Barat with the vision of Secular India. Dear all at one of the Top Rank Engineering Colleges In West Bengal , never discriminates on the basis of faith and ask all of you to fulfill our vision of a secular India.

Muslims believe on Shab-e Barat, God writes their destinies for the coming year on the basis of their past deeds.

It’s the night of grace and redemption, so dear students, you have to learn to forgive and step on.