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BCET is one of the top rank engineering college in West Bengal where we intend to treat all the deceased with best of the Ayurvedic treatment. Today through this blog we shall discuss some of the common disease and their treatment with Ayurveda.

  • Common Cold is fairly harmless. It can occur throughout the year at any time, but in late winter and fall the most common is. It is most prevalent in adolescents.

This disorder serves as a key to several other issues with your breathing. It is called the “common cold” because, in this ailment, you may feel colder than any other form of disease. It shouldn’t be overlooked though.

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Common remedies

  • Leaves of holy basil (Tulsi) plant mixed with an equal quantity of dried ginger powder form an excellent substitute for tea during cold and flu. This may be taken by adding milk and sugar three times a day.
  • Juice of ginger (Adrak) and holy basil (Tulsi) one-one tea spoon (5 ml.) mixed with one tea spoon (5 ml.) honey, to be taken two-three times a day.
  • Powder of black pepper (marich) half tea spoon (2.5 ml.) mixed with jaggery (guda) two times a day.
  • Small piece of Ginger (Adraka) fried in ghee, to be taken two times a day.

All the above listed medicinal value plants can be obtained from the herbal garden of one of the top and best placement college in West Bengal .

  • There are many reasons for constipation, such as the practice of resisting the urge during long periods of absence or non-availability of articles widely used prior to defecation, such as consuming coffee or the use of laxatives in tea.

Home Remedies

  • Triphala powder is very popularly used for this condition. It contains three drugs namely – Haritaki (Harada), Vibhitaki (Baheda) and Amalaki (Amla). 5gm of this powder (1 tea spoon) should be taken with luke warm water at bed time.
  • The best to evacuate in chronic condition is castor oil. The castor oil used should be purified and diluted. The 4-6 tea spoon (20-30 ml.) of this oil is to be taken with warm milk.
  • 1 Teaspoonful of Sana leaves (Sanay) in 1 cup of hot milk at bedtime is an easy method to relieve constipation.
  • Obesity is an accumulation of excess fat in the body that can cause adverse health effects, decreased life expectancy and/or increased health issues. 
  • Overweight and obesity may be linked to a large proportion of the burden of Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Disease, Hypertension, Ischemic Stroke, Osteoarthritis and Cancer.

            Shamana (Palliative) treatment:

  • Langhan (Fasting),
  • Ama pachan (oral use of digestives to augment the fat metabolism),
  • Ruksha Udwartan (Dry medicated powder massage),
  • Heavy and non-nourishing diet/items like Honey, salad etc are advised.
  • Physical exercises, mental work is also recommended.