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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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Bengal College of engineering & technology is one of the best engineering college in Eastern India. We are one of the leading institutes for engineering with modern facilities, modern infrastructure as well as modern thinking. Through this blog we are talking about the female as engineers.

Females are mostly looked as someone made for household works or if even in the profession females are not looked as engineers. Engineering is considered tough for females. We must have heard many families talking about their son as engineers and daughter as doctor. Why can’t the females be engineers?

 top ranking private engineering college in Durgapur

Are the females made only for being doctor or housewife? We at BCET one of the top engineering college in eastern India strictly adhere to the fact that females today know no bounds so do we. At Bengal College of Engineering & Technology one of the top private engineering college in Durgapur we encourage girls admission in engineering.  Even the faculty team at BCET comprises of good no of female professors.

Today females can be seen in every field be it administrative, medical , astronauts or engineering . Females at BCET one of the top Engineering college in Eastern India are given respect and some special privilege. We are one of the top placement college in West India and thus we feel proud that our college has successfully helped many females to conquer their dreams of becoming engineers and working in good companies through our placement programmes.

Bengal college of engineering & technology feels proud in raising the next generation of female engineers. Teachers at BCET aim at inculcating special skills in female students so as to make them realize that to fail is okay and at the same time we encourage them to frame failures as opportunities for growth. We at BCET one of the top ranking private engineering college in Durgapur motivate our budding female engineers to keep trying even when it is hard.

 Praise, hard work , consistent effort are some of the important thing at BCET one the top engineering college in eastern India we follow and inculcate in the minds of future engineers . Extracurricular activities are also organized at BCET and females are encouraged to participate in large numbers.

Bengal college of Engineering & Technology believes in making things happen and prepare a female dominated world.  We focus on teaching females to be confidently themselves and become a successful engineers.  Females are the treasure for the nation and the world and we are among those few who are helping these treasures to shine and emit their own light.