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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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Future engineering: The desire to change the world is important, as automation spreads through industries. In lieu of this students at BCET one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal strive hard to bring the laurels to the nation by contributing in the development of new inventions. We take pride in imparting students who wish to change the world through their inventions.

Best Engineering Colleges In West Bengal

Trends of 2020

Now in full swing the Internet of Things (IoT) will enter a high-growth phase by 2020. In a time when people and objects are all linked across the network, automation engineers and end-users would be most concerned about the industrial network’s efficiency and reliability. Much of the intellectualisation, compilation and data analysis should be resolved. The IT department at one of the top B.Tech colleges in West Bengal is focused on instilling such qualities in students who can further move on work with international team to develop better prospects in IT department.

Future engineers in automation will no longer be limited to the manufacturing sector. For example, there will be several automation projects introduced within the so-called Smart City. Future automation projects should have closer proximity to daily lives of people in transportation, homes, and health care. Across several non-traditional areas the experience of the engineers across automation should be applied. Such developments should alter lives dramatically, adding comfort.

In emerging markets where frequent changes are generated by new technologies, automated system development and system development will become a critical part of the solution. Product creation and software development and engineering services will become essential jobs for automation engineers. Full focus is laid on all the departments at BCET one among the top 10 engineering colleges in West Bengal to make students capable enough to achieve milestone in the fields of engineering.