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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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Even for the brightest mind exam brings stressful time. Though some produce better results under stress but we cannot deny from the fact that most of the students find themselves down under exam pressure. And we cannot let our students go down in any situation of life. We at one of BCET, one of the Top Engineering College in West Bengal make sure to release the exam pressure from our students and keep them stress free all the time. Especially during exams we at one of the best AICTE approved Engineering College in West Bengal we encourage students to involve themselves in the activities which would help them to rejuvenate and not just to lock them inside the four walls.

Top Engineering College In West Bengal

Exams carry most important position in academic career. However it is not more important than the precious health. Bengal College of Engineering and Technology one of the Top Engineering College in West Bengal organize a pre exam session for all the students which are headed by eminent speakers. All the students are guided on how to reduce exam stress and how to remain calm during the exams. One of the ways adopted is Yoga and Gym for students. Students as per their wish can join yoga classes or Gym to keep them mentally strong and smart.  Cafeteria is a get together place for all students hence we tend to serve hygiene and fresh snacks, lunch and dinner in order to allow them enjoy their get together time in a healthy way. We at one of the Best Engineering Colleges in West Bengal facilitate all the students in their physical well being by providing a vast area for sports as we believe that sports keep mind and body active as well as help students to rejuvenate. Library is open to all the students to facilitate them with full concentration during their study.

Besides all these what is most important is teacher’s support. The faculty team makes sure to extend their full support to the students and proper attention is provided to all the students. so students next time when you sit for exams forget not to read this blog by one of the Top Engineering College in West Bengal for you our dear students.