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It is usually a head scratching topic for students interested for pursuing Engineering. They can scroll Google for everything from searching top 10 engineering colleges in West Bengal to best Placement College in West Bengal. But there is something which will not make you satisfied. Which branch to select? This even Google cannot help you with because it depends your abilities, interest and to some extent l your marks.

However you need not to worry us at BCET one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal will help you in your selection of branch by listing some of the important points you must consider before selecting the branch.

top engineering colleges in Makaut

Consider career options-

While making this decision, you will consider other aspects because your career is based on this decision and that is the first step in your career path. Remember when you chose to choose your profession as an engineer, you opened up a vast opportunity in front of you.  We ensure when you get into BCET one of the top engineering colleges in Makaut you will by default choose a bright path for dreams as we will put into all our strengths to bring your dreams come true.

Choose from the list of influential colleges

If your priority list does not include a particular stream and you are satisfied with any engineering stream then branch or stream is not important at all. Each source of engineering possesses promising career options. Go for reputable colleges, then. The prominent colleges of engineering offer excellent training, internship and campus placements with the best in industry salary packages. If you are looking for top 10 engineering colleges in West Bengal you will find Bengal College of Engineering & Technology in the top 3 with halls of residence and an affordable fee structure.

College / Institute location – The College must be viewed from your home as per the location and you must also get complete information about the institution’s facilities. BCET one of the top ranking private engineering colleges in West Bengal is located on a road and rail connectivity from almost every location of the state. And for students outside the state we have state of art halls of residence as well.