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ECE is regarded as an evergreen branch and preferred by most of the students over a few decades. Once you get admission to the best engineering college in West Bengal, you’ll be updated by the faculties about the new opportunities this degree has to offer. Usually, students are told that ECE graduates can avail themselves of better opportunities in the government only. That’s not true! There are a lot of notable organizations in the private and government sectors where students can explore job opportunities.

Let’s look at the list prepared by the top engineering college in Eastern India to help students understand the different roles offered by MNCs for ECE graduates. 


Electronic Engineer:

This profile enables electronic engineers to use their knowledge and expertise to design, develop, and test electronics systems and components’ functionality. The core responsibility revolves around acquiring client’s requirements, and sharing costs estimation accordingly, varies company-to-company.

Field Test Engineer:

As suggested by the name, this profile demands the analytical skills of the candidates. Engineers working under this profile have to test and evaluate the given projects using their analytical skills. They need to prepare test scripts, test plans and execute the process accordingly. Many reputed companies hire ECE graduates for field test engineers.

Network Engineers 

It is one of the most demanding job profiles. Nowadays, each organization shares an integrated network system. Therefore, if you got a chance to work as a network engineer with any of the MNC, you’ll be responsible for taking care of its complete network and the administration process.

These are only a few roles. However, there are endless opportunities for students. To get any of the profiles mentioned above, you need to gain admission to the top B.Tech College in West Bengal.     

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