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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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Bengal College of Engineering & Technology is one of the best and top placement colleges in West Bengal and this has been possible only because we and our students have always adhered to the code of conduct and the rules and regulations assigned to everyone in the college.

Smoking, chewing of tobacco and gutka is not permitted in the College premises of one of the Best Mba College in West Bengal. Don’t spit on the walls, stairs, corridors and floors of the building and help in maintaining cleanliness inside or outside the college/hostel building. Students indulging in these bad habits shall be expelled from the college.

Best Mba College in West Bengal
  • Students are advised to keep identity cards with them, students who fail to show identity card may be sent back to their homes or may be punished for violating the rules.
  • Treat all staff and fellow students with respect.
  • Swearing and offensive language is unacceptable and liable for expulsion from college.
  • Bullying is unacceptable.
  • Misbehavior inside the class room shall make the student liable for expulsion from the college.
  • Don’t bring outsiders in or out side of the campus to settle personal issues. In case of any problem put your grievances before the competent authority.
  • Don’t pluck flowers or leaves and harm greenery created inside the premises.

In the Classroom

We at one of the best B.Tech colleges in West Bengal believe that it is the discipline and punctuality that brings success. We have a set of rules for students in the classrooms as well.

  • Be punctual on college timings, late comers will not be allowed to enter in the classroom.
  • Attend all classes and maintain 100% attendance.
  • Keep mobile phone switched off. College does not take any responsibility regarding the security of the same.
  • Be ready for taking all periods by bringing relevant books, files, pens and equipments.
  • Don’t bring food or eatables into the classroom except bottled water.
  • Respect your teachers and fellow students.
  • Pay attention at all time in classroom, workshops and laboratories without disrupting teaching to facilitate proper learning environment.
  • Always wear proper uniform as per College uniform code.
  • Don’t sit idle or wander here and there during the college time or even in leisure time. Use the library / Lab facilities for better learning.
  • Don’t damage the classroom/college property because strong action is taken against the guilty students individually or collectively.
  • Don’t bring fire-arms or sharp edge weapons inside the College Campus.
  • Students are jointly responsible for the safety of fittings inside the classroom.

Inside the halls of Residence

All students at one of the Best Mba College in West Bengal are bound by the Code of conduct for halls of residence. Everyone is expected to follow the same.