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One of The Best Engineering College in West bengal

Bengal College of Engineering & Technology is one of the best Colleges in West Bengal, where future great scientists are created. India has been the land of many great scientists. For example Ramanujan, C.V Raman, J.C. Bose is few among the great scientists of India. The research and development by great scientists of India has helped the motherland to earn a special place in the field of Science.

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But still we are counted as a third world country. Through this blog, BCET one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal only aims at making it clear that not all great scientists are born outside India and not all inventions are done outside India. Top College in Eastern India like BCET along with others always strive hard to create world class engineers and successfully we have created many and still running hard to create competent engineers who can serve the nation.

Quality education is imparted at BCET, one of the best engineering Colleges in West Bengal to help students to hone their skills and talent. Since our inception in 2001, we have been imparting quality education along with the availability of all requisite facilities, departments and state of the art infrastructure. Be it the invention of zero or the pioneering work on scattering of light all credit goes to Indian Scientists. With the aim of creating another Ramanujan, C.V Raman, S. Chandrasekhar we strive hard and our qualified team of faculty lay their full concentration on the budding engineers so that they do not remain untouched from any topic. From C.V Raman to Salim Ali the talent of Indian scientists can be seen in many different areas be it physics, mathematics or medicine.  

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Not only male, in the current scenario we have many female scientists also born, grown and working within India. BCET one of the best College in West Bengal feels proud in raising the next generation of female engineers. Females are motivated at Bengal College of Engineering & Technology to study hard and grow well in the field of engineering &Technology. Even the faculty team of BCET consists of large number of female professors to encourage women power. To give impetus to India in the field of Science & Technology we at BCET one of the top College in Eastern India always strive hard to imbibe special social and educational skills so that our students grow well and take ahead the list of great scientists in India .

Not all great scientists are born out of India, within Indian Institutes lies the capacity and power to create competent engineers of unmatched quality. At Bengal College of Engineering & Technology we know and believe that not everyone is born great but they can be turned great through sheer determination and hard work.