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Generally, at the time of campus interviews, students will come across some basic interview questions. If you know what interviewers usually ask, then you can prepare them in advance to give your best at the placement process. The winter semesters are about the end, and placements at the top 10 engineering colleges in West Bengal have already started. Keeping this in mind, we come up with some basic interview questions that interviewers generally ask. If you wish to crack the interview process, then refer to the tips given by the best B.Tech College in West Bengal. Let’s get started!

Best B.Tech College in West Bengal

1. Do You Have the Skills to Do the Job?

It’s one of the common questions asked in placement interviews. By asking this question, they want to listen to about your skills you are confident in. So, always research about the company before going to the interview and prepare a topic you are confident in to answer this question. If you can satisfy them with your answers then chances are high for placements. 

2. Do You Understand the Company and Its Purpose?

BCET- being the best engineering college in West Bengal, call the top recruiters for campus placement. You’ll get information about the recruitment and recruiters from the college’s training and placement cell. Therefore, it’s quite easy for you to prepare this question. As per the suggestions of the top B.Tech College in West Bengal, students must read about the company profile, their services, and the job description to know the exact requirements of the company. It will help you to answer this question effectively. 

3. How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

For the last three years, our students are facing this question from the top recruiter companies coming to the top engineering college in Eastern India for placements. By asking this question, the interviewer prefers to check your confidence level and your convincing abilities.

For more such tips, follow the blog shared by the best B.Tech College in West Bengal.