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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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BCET one of the best MBA Colleges in West Bengal takes pride in itself for producing top notch engineers and managers who bring laurels to the nation. It takes a lot to be a good engineer. Good and competent engineers are not only made by good academic scores but also through some abstract qualities like kindness, loyalness and selflessness. Patience is also the key factor towards being a competent engineer.

We are one of the top rank engineering colleges in West Bengal where we aim at producing qualified engineers for whom nation comes before themselves and whose discoveries and inventions only lead to prosperity and not as curse for the society.

Loyalness:  Being loyal to self and to the nation is what we teach at BCET one of the  top B.Tech college in West Bengal .Loyalty to the nation will only lead to thought process that will have the power to change the situation of the nation. Loyalty requires devotion which in turn generated by love for the nation. We at one of the best engineering college have always been loyal towards our service of imparting education and this has what led us to earn the notion of being the top and by side set an example for our students.

Selflessness: Society before self plays a vital role in the formation of a society where compassion is generated with love and love defines itself as a group of persons living in a society all spending their life on same inventions and discoveries. Thus our students endeavor on producing or discovering such things which affect the whole society in a positive manner. While for students looking for best engineering college in West Bengal we urge and motivate them to be a part of managerial team that only decides on what is right for the nation.