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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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We work in difficult times. Families were getting more tired, working hours went longer and both families had to struggle to get food to the table. This pandemic time, however, brings several moments for all of us to spend with the family. We advise you all to stay inside and stay safe on behalf of the entire BCET team one of the Best Engineering College in West Bengal.

Best Engineering College in West Bengal

Movie Time A family film night is a nice way to spend time as a family. Make sure you choose movies that are perfect for family watching. Ladies and gentlemen, it is very important to spend quality time with your family, so we recommend that you all select a film and get your family involved.

Play together, live together BCET one of  Best placement colleges in west Bengal, always putting stress on playing together, lighting up and touch in a more comfortable environment is inevitable. Play helps create happy memories, and the sharing of jokes inside.

Rough Planting Times. The family can do with a vegetable garden which increases the cost of food each day. When you have enough space outside the house, then it is time for the family to set up the garden. We have a serene atmosphere at BCET, one of the Best Engineering College in West Bengal, and hence we concentrate on inculcating green values in everything.

A family that prays together stays together We never offer admission on the basis of your faith and believe in secular India to students seeking admission to Course in West Bengal. While keeping your spiritual relationship with God, your religion doesn’t matter, fellow shipping as a family is great for building up the family bond.