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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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Bengal College of Engineering & Technology is one of the Top MBA College In Durgapur and this has only been possible because we and our students have always adhered to the code of conduct and the rules and regulations assigned to everyone at the college.

• Smoking, tobacco and gutka chewing is not allowed at the premises of one among the Best MBA  Colleges In West Bengal. Don’t spit on the building’s doors, stairs, corridors and floors and help preserve cleanliness both inside and outside the college / hostel building. Students indulging in such bad habits are to be evicted from college.

Top MBA College In West bengal

• Students are encouraged to carry identification cards with them, students who do not display identity cards can be sent home or disciplined for violating the law.

Have respect for both staff and fellow students.

• Swearing and language of offense are intolerable and are liable for expulsion from college;

• Inappropriate bullying

• Misbehavior inside the classroom makes the student liable to be expelled from college.

• Do not introduce strangers to or from the campus to address personal issues. Put your complaints before the appropriate authority should there be any question.

• Do not pluck flowers or leaves inside the premises and damage greenery produced within.

Inside the classroom

We believe that it is the discipline and punctuality that brings success at one of the Best MBA  Colleges In West Bengal. We do have a set of rules in the classrooms for students.

• Be timely on college timings, late-comers are not allowed to reach the classroom

• Attend all classes and hold attendance at 100 per cent.

• Turn your cell phone off. The college takes no responsibility for the health of the same.

• Be prepared to take all periods by getting in correct books, papers, pens and equipment.

• Save drinking water, do not carry food or eatables into the school.

• Honor the teachers and their fellow students.