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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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BCET is one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal where we strive hard to inculcate moral , social values in our students so that when they enter the professional world they not only remain focus on earning money but also earning respect and blessings of the needy and mankind. Dear students studying under us or not it matters less the main point to look on for is that the era belongs to you to the young generation but you will have to work hard you will have to earn it.

We make sure that after passing out from one of the top B.Tech colleges in West Bengal you focus on developing and inventing particulars that only lead to growth of mankind without affecting the sustainable development. It must be in reach of all. We not only impart knowledge in the field of engineering but also considered as one of the Best MBA colleges in Durgapur hence making the balance between development as well as management. In simple terms how to develop and then manage them in order to make them under the reach of everyone. In the age of cut throat competition everyone is moving fast to earn money but in that endeavor some of them are losing respect, family time as well as peace. There is no benefit to earn something that is leading to lose several other things. We at BCET one of the best engineering colleges in Eastern India focus on organizing session by top motivational speakers as well as some gurus to imbibe in young brains the importance of earning respect and difference between power and respect. Dear students the era belongs to you means that your parents are spending lot of money for your quality education along with the sheer dedication of your teachers who give you extra time to educate you and in turn we all expect that you bring laurels to the nation as the nation is from the young generation. If not now then never.