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CALL: 9679848800, 7477794700, 0343-2533189
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Bengal College of Engineering & Technology is one of the Top College in Eastern India that has been providing schooling, social and moral awareness over the past 18 years. We are striving hard not only to develop ourselves as one of the Top Bengal Engineering College, but also as a college that instills ethical and moral values in the minds of students who are registered with us.

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Today through this blog we aim to create a clear sense of equality among our followers, as well as the steps we have taken to bridge the gap between male and female.

At BCET, one of the top 10 engineering colleges in West Bengal , we strongly believe that not only are boys made to be an engineer or to choose science-related streams, but also girls can be engineers and even students. we firmly Believe in the fact that not only boys are made to be engineers or to choose science-related paths, but also girls can be engineers and even girls such as Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams has shown this. We at Bengal College of Engineering & Technology encourage and welcome all the girls who aspire to be an engineer to join us and be part of the changing revolution. The era of gender equality came with the passage of time and now we have multiple girls taking admission to engineering college.

We at BCET one of the best MBA colleges in West Bengal take pride in ourselves for getting in our faculty list a large list of female professors that not only lightens the growing power of women but at the same time a positive move towards empowering women. Mixing females and technology is now an old adage. To encourage girls we ensure that each and every facility is equal to boys. One such move that we have taken towards this is a well-equipped girls ‘ hostel. Girls are also equipped with indoor and outdoor games facilities so that they are mentally and physically healthy. None of Bengal College of Engineering & Technology’s games or events are intended for youth only they are included for girls as well.

Society has always looked boys as an engineer and to cater their various needs society always looks for competent male engineers. With the passage of time and due to sheer effort and quality education best engineering college in West Bengal like BCET or other parts of the country society’s expectations with respect to girls in the engineering stream is also shifting gradually.

Reducing the gender inequality and producing at least one female engineer from each and every home is what we seriously aim at Bengal College of Engineering & Technology.