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Why Are Branches Of Core Technology Still The Most Sought After?


Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, IT are still the core branches of engineering and you’d be pleased to know that BCET one of the top B.Tech College in West Bengal offers you top-quality education in these core branches.  We thank and congratulate all of you for making a great choice to choose BCET as your road to success.

Now we’re going to think about the reason the core branches are still in demand. 

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Life in engineering can be traced back to the ancient human creation of primitive tools, objects, and devices such as wheels and pulleys. These inventions emerged by applying the mechanical principles of engineering. Bridges, houses and the magnificent structures later relied on the civil engineering technology. Electronics engineering discipline developed through the advent of electric motors, telegraph machine, 18th century transistors. Finally, a major transition from mechanical technology to electrical analog technology produced in the aftermath of the third industrial revolution, also known between the 1950s and 1970s as the Digital Revolution.

When we talk about IT growth, I think it would be better to tell you that BCET, one of the top engineering colleges in Eastern India, has a well-equipped IT laboratory to fine-tune students ‘ skills and provide them with access.

Although newer and more specialized streams of engineering seem to take over, we should not forget that they were the ramifications of the core streams originally. Even now, the majority of technological problems can be solved with the assistance of the core engineering disciplines. The remaining 10 per cent of technological challenges can be solved by interdisciplinary experience. Recognizing the significance of Core divisions we leave no stone unturned at one of the Best MBA Colleges in West Bengal to make students eligible and able to perform well even in most important situations.