Vision and Mission


To be a center of excellence in providing globally standard education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and research and thereby creating professionally and globally competitive and self-disciplined Computer Science Engineers capable of working in multicultural environments.


  1. Providing quality education to students with the new age technologies and preparing students for career opportunities (in Industry/Academics).
  2. Inculcating good character, professional behavior, high ethical values, innovative research capabilities, and leadership abilities to succeed and contribute to society.
  3. Establishing Industry Institute Interaction to make students ready for the industrial environment and exposure to the latest tools and technologies in the area of computer science and engineering.
  4. Nurturing our students’ interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills so that they may provide vision and leadership within the information industry’s diverse culture.
  5. To build an environment that inspires quality research and learning.
  6. Supporting the Faculty for research-based projects/activities in the emerging areas of technology convergence to foster the growth and strength of its programs.