Admission in B.Tech Course in Durgapur- Top Reasons to Go with BCET

More than 100 thousand candidates apply for admission in B.Tech course in Durgapur every year. BCET is one of the most popular institutes with an excellent academic record and infrastructure. Students are always happy to study on campus which makes it a paradise for them to have an awesome time at college.

Below are some of the top reasons students prefer BCET over other engineering colleges in West Bengal. Let’s have a look at the top traits! 

Admission in B.Tech Course in Durgapur

Premier Technical Institute

BCET, a pioneer in the field of Technical Education in West Bengal, was established to offer quality education to students. It is a premier technical institute and one of the leading educational institutions in West Bengal. 

BCET has always been the first choice for students aspiring to pursue a career in Engineering & Technology, and it’s because of the following facilities, 

  • Spacious Lecture Hall
  • Full-fledged Library
  • Well-furnished Labs
  • WiFi Enables Campus 
  • Training & Placement Facilities 

Admission in B.Tech Course in West Bengal-Choose BCET in 2022

BCET takes a great initiative to make its students skilled enough to face the real world. With the help of well-designed labs and departments, we make sure that our students know how things work in the real world. 

The teachers are also very experienced and friendly, ensuring that their students are never left behind with any queries or doubts. So, if you wish to get admission in the B.Tech course in Durgapurfill out your registration form and submit it as earliest as possible.

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