Details Top Rank Engineering College in Durgapur As Per WBJEE

A Must-Have in WBJEE Top Rank Engineering College in Durgapur

Since WBJEE seat allotment schedule is yet to announce, students look for the top rank engineering College in Durgapur through WBJEE 2022Are you one of them? Do you want to know what the traits of the best college are? Do you want to study at the top B.TECH College in West Bengal? If your answer to any of these questions ends in a yes, you are at the right place.

In today’s blog, BCET will guide students on selecting the best engineering college. But first, let us give you a quick overview of topics that we’ll cover today.

Top Rank Engineering College in Durgapur

The Top Rank Engineering College in Durgapur Must Have the Following

  • Approval and Affiliations
  • Experienced Faculties 

Let’s discuss the importance of the points mentioned above in the selection of the top college. Here we go!

Approval and Affiliations

BCET is the top B.TECH College approved by AICTE, New Delhi. Its affiliations are under the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India. Also, the college is accredited by MAKAUT, which the state government recognizes. Besides this, BCET also received accreditation from NBA.

Check whether your allotted college includes these affiliations or not. If you found these approvals, then select the college for admission. 

Reputed Faculties

The faculty at BCET comes from and acclaimed institutions. A significant contributor to our reputation as the top B.TECH college in West Bengal is our teacher. Our faculty sets the bar high for moral ethics so that they are role models for our students.

Choose BCET as You Top Rank Engineering College in Durgapur As Per WBJEE We strive to continually for our students and teachers at the top engineering college in Durgapur. As part of our effort to improve faculty skills and knowledge, we have undertaken various initiatives. It is our pleasure to work with teachers who welcome their students.

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