Excellence in Engineering Education Top 10 engineering college in West Bengal

With this expansion, the college always ensured that there was no compromise on academic standards or facilities. BCET has given many engineers to India who is contributing towards various fields. Do you want to become one of those engineers? If yes, read on to know why you should study at BCET. Also, find out what makes BCET ranks among the top 10 engineering college in West Bengal.

Table of Contents- Why BCET is the Center of Excellence

  • Trending Career Oriented Specializations
  • Innovative Teaching Methodology 

Let’s find out why BCET ranks among the top-rank private engineering college in Durgapur. So, let’s get started!

top 10 engineering college in West Bengal

Trending Career Oriented Specializations

Engineering prevailed as the flagship program of BCET, and the college is counted among the top engineering college in Durgapur.

At BCET, we have a team of dedicated faculty members working round the clock to help students learn various branches of engineering. In fact, it is because of them that students from different parts of India have been able to get their coveted seats at BCET. Our emphasis on practical aspects enables students to grasp concepts easily.

Innovative Teaching Methodology 

BCET is known for its innovative teaching methodology. Being the top B.TECH engineering college in Durgapur, our labs are equipped with the latest technology equipment. They are all set to address local and global challenges through their research project teams.

The institution also undertakes initiatives to empower women engineers to bring about a positive change in society.


BCET is a premier and top engineering college in West Bengal. Founded in 2001 by SKS Educational and Social Trust, the college aims at conferring quality education in the field of engineering. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially, with over 500 students enrolled for undergraduate courses every year. With the tagline “engineering prevails”, BCET today stands among the top 10 engineering college in West Bengal.

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