Know about the Top Placement College in West India in 2024

Top Placement College in West India-BCET Rank on Top

Every year when college application comes, students are always in a dilemma to choose what is best for them. They have many options to choose from as an engineering stream. Whether you select electronics, computer science, mechanical, information technology, electrical or civil, students have many factors to consider. But there is also one factor they need to consider while choosing the best engineering college in West Bengal, i.e. placement.

Thus, in today’s blog, BCET will talk about becoming the top placement college in West India. So, let’s get started!

Top Placement College in West India

Table of Content- Top Placement College in West India

  • BCET Placement Initiatives
  • BCET Top Recruiters

Let’s dive in to know why BCET ranks as the best placement college in West Bengal.

BCET Placement Initiatives

BCET has taken the initiative to provide placements for students with good performances. It is not only the faculty members of BCET but also many industry experts who are available for guidance on preparing oneself better for the future. Check out our placement initiatives,

  • Pre-placement Sessions
  • Mock Interview
  • Personality Development
  • Group Discussions
  • Grooming Sessions
  • Campus Pool

BCET Top Recruiters

With the help of BCET, many students in West Bengal have been able to get a good placement. The college has partnered with many companies and organizations to give students a chance to get a good job after graduation. The college calls top recruiters to take part in the campus pool. Some of the leading recruiters are,

• Tech Mahindra


• Wipro

• Infosys

With this info, you can say that BCET is the top placement college

Do you want to get more information on the placement status of BCET? If yes, then please feel to visit the official website of the college. Being the top placement college in West India, we assure you that our placement stats the better than any other college in the state.

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