Top 4 Core Job Profiles for Electronic Engineers

Electronics engineers are in high demand as they’re responsible for designing and developing electronic devices, circuits and systems. The scope of work includes designing, manufacturing and testing integrated circuits, printed circuit boards and other electronic components. So, if you want to become a successful electronics engineer in future, you must know the career choice available after the course completion. 

Are you concerned about your engineering career? Do you want to know about your career choice after studying at the best engineering college in West Bengal? If yes, then you’ve reached the right place. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the top career choices available for electronic engineers. So, let’s get started! 

Trending Core Career Choices for Electronics Engineers 

  1. Analog Application Engineer
  2. Telecoms Engineer 
  3. VLSI and Embedded Systems 
  4. IT/ Data Processing
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Let’s talk about these fields in detail for a better understanding!

Analogue applications engineer: 

An analogue applications engineer designs, develop and tests microprocessor-based digital products such as cellular phones, PDAs, pagers and computers.

Telecom engineer: 

A telecom engineer designs equipment for voice or data transmission over telephone lines. They also design communication networks like wireless networks, fibre optic networks and cable TV systems.

VLSI and embedded systems:

VLSI (large-scale integration) is a term used to describe the very high-density integration of electronic components onto a single chip using CMOS (computer-on-a-chip) technology. Embedded systems refer to computer systems that require a specialised interface with either external features or human operators for proper operation.

IT or Data Processing:

IT professionals design computer hardware and software applications on servers, desktop computers or mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Power industry:

Power engineers make sure that electricity gets adequately distributed throughout the whole system. They ensure that electricity flows efficiently through transformers so it can reach its destination.

So, one can choose any of the Jon profiles mentioned above after the course completion. For any doubt or confusion, get in touch with experts at the best engineering college in West Bengal.

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