Why Students Select BCET for B.Tech Admission in Durgapur?

BCET has been around for a few years and has become a trendy college for B.Tech admission in Durgapur. The college is famous for creating a revolutionary trend by providing students with an impeccable academic environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and modern research facilities without neglecting extracurricular activities.

Top Reasons Why Students Prefer BCET for B.Tech Admission in Durgapur

Based on faculty, study material, number of students and many other characteristics, you can compare BCET with other engineering colleges in West Bengal. It will help you understand why students prefer BCET for admission in the B.Tech course in West Bengal.

  • Our Awards & Achievements
  • Our Industrial Collaboration

Let’s talk about those traits in detail.

B.Tech Admission in Durgapur

Awards & Achievements

BCET is the top rank engineering college in West Bengaland its enormous credit goes to the accolades we have received in the past few years. We were National Champions for three consecutive years, from 2008 to 2010. For the next three years, we were runner-up in the race of National Champions.

Our consistent efforts made us Regional Champions again for the next two years. We have received many accolades like this.

Industrial Collaborations: 

It’s undeniable that today engineering students are much focused on placements. It is the most significant achievement for any engineering student to secure a job in a well-known company that provides skilful and most updated training. The candidates have to compete with other peers of their state or even from other states to get shortlisted.

Therefore, BCET works tremendously hard to enhance the career foundations of students so that they can take a confident step into the immense competition of industry.

Ending Notes

We hope that now you will understand why BCET is among students top choices for B.Tech admission in DurgapurIf you have any doubt or question related to anything about the college, then contact us immediately.

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