BCET Offers a Wide Range of Courses to Build Your Foundation

At BCET, we’ve begun providing value-added education for our students by offering the unique business skill set to build the foundation for independent research and career development. We’ve come up with a plethora of courses that are focused on areas such as communications, public relations, broadcasting, and industry exposure.

Being the top B.Tech college in West Bengal, we always efforts to give the best facilities to our students. If you’re planning to apply for admissions, look at the top facilities you’ll only get at BCET.

List of Innovative Courses to Enhance Students’ Education

  • Value Added Courses
  • Industrial Visits
top B.Tech College in West Bengal

Let’s talk about them in detail in today’s blog!

Value Added Courses

Being the top B.Tech college in West Bengal, we offer a series of value-added course to help students build knowledge in an area they are interested in and employ as a part of their future career path. The skills acquired through industry specific training at BCET complement regular classroom education, making students more adept to meet the challenges of the real industry.

After their graduation from BCET, students are armed with advanced knowledge of contemporary industry standards and practices.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits help students develop an understanding of the industrial sector, enhance networking skills, and sharpens an individual’s communication, problem-solving and numerate fluency, thereby preparing them for successful careers in the global marketplace.

So, choose BCET to get access to these facilities

The students get a chance to interact with ‘experts’ in their area of study under the banner of Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits, and Value added courses. It is an enriching experience for students as they get the opportunity to listen to eminent personalities share their experiences and thought processes with them.

If you wish to avail these facilities, then give your best in WBJEE entrance and then choose BCET, the top B.Tech college in West Bengal. All the very best for your exams.

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