Career Scope after Civil Engineering | Best B.Tech College in West Bengal

Civil engineering is an evergreen professional course. Civil engineers are the professionals who are responsible for building the infrastructure of our society. Be it roads, bridges, dams, airports or even buildings. Civil engineers have a hand in constructing them all. A career in civil engineering opens up a wide range of opportunities in almost every sector you can think of.

As per the best B.Tech College in West Bengal, here are some of the most popular career choices for civil engineers.

Career Choice after Civil Engineering in best B.Tech College in West Bengal

There’s no shortage of job opportunities for people with a degree in civil engineering. Students can decide to work in both public and private sector companies. Besides this, they can also venture into academics and research and development sectors.

best B.Tech College in West Bengal
  • Building ControlSurveyor
  • CAD Technician
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • Contracting CivilEngineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer
  • Rural and Urban Transport Engineer

Job Responsibilities

They work with other engineers to ensure that their designs meet the needs of the people using them. They also make sure that their plans are both feasible and economical.Typical responsibilities of the job include:

  • undertaking technical and feasibility studies, including site investigations
  • using a range of computer software for developing detailed designs
  • undertaking complex calculations
  • liaising with clients and a variety of professionals, including architects and subcontractors
  • compiling job specs and supervising tendering procedures
  • resolving design and development problems
  • managing budgets and project resources
  • scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries
  • making sure the project complies with legal requirements, especially health and safety
  • assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of projects
  • ensuring projects run smoothly, and structures are completed within budget and on time.

If you wish to make a bright career in civil engineering, then choose the best B.Tech College in West Bengal, BCET, without having any doubt.

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